Patio Series: A Celebration of BBQ and Whiskey

Join us Thursday, September 13 from 6–9 PM

Slide off of the summer flip-flops and slip on your best fall boots for an evening on the Patio at Bistro 72’s BBQ and Whiskey. On September 13, we will be celebrating American cuisine, liquor and music.

Our whiskey-inspired drinks menu will treat your taste buds to notes of smooth spices. We’ll be basting seasoned brisket and smoked meats in our signature barbeque sauce flavored to compliment your whiskey selections. You can also try our whiskey-rubbed, slow-cooked barbeque sliders.

At the bar, we’ll be mixing up cocktails with Widow Jane Whiskey, made in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Widow Jean’s flavor notes butter, cream, and toffee, with a complexity that boasts a cinnamon afterglow. Like the best whiskey manufacturers in the world, Widow Jane starts with a critical component: the water. Made with sweet water from the Widow Jane Mine, deep in the heart of Hudson Valley, it contains the perfect mineral content to make and cut this award-winning whiskey.

Our Americana celebration continues with the folk-rock stylings of Dave March. March is a celebrated local singer and songwriter whose musical talents have been highly recognized. He was a founding member of the critically-acclaimed ensemble, Miles to Dayton. His seasoned style of musical entertainment highlights hometown roots and will have your boots tapping along as you sip and savor the flavors of the evening.

Join us on the Patio as you sip, savor, and soak up the last days of summer. Make your reservations now at 631-369-3325.

Bistro 72 Presents Palm on the Patio with Michael Duca

Thursday, August 16 | 6-9 pm

The story of Belgium’s Palm Brewery goes back centuries and is rich with history through the march of industrialization, the tragedy of two World Wars, and the Flower Power movement of the 1960s. The name itself is a tribute to the dominance of top-fermentation beers over bottom-fermentation, something that Palm stuck with out of necessity at a time when it was out of fashion. Now in the 21st century, people around the world are still enjoying the refreshing, summery taste of this Belgian craft brew — Bistro 72 included.

Here in Long Island, we find that the fruity bouquet and light notes of Palm pairs exceedingly well with the aromas and tastes of our local seafood. That’s why Bistro 72 brings you our summer event series, Palm on the Patio.

On August 16th, from 6 pm to 9 pm, Bistro 72 is hosting Palm on the Patio with music by one of our favorites, Michael Duca. Michael Duca’s acoustic sets include originals plus an eclectic mix of covers by artists such as The Beatles, Elvis, Adele, Jack Johnson, Mumford and Sons, Pearl Jam, and The Black Eyed Peas — sounds that are a perfect pairing for outdoor summer nights with great beer and great food.

Bistro 72 at Hotel Indigo is a unique, East End dining experience, crafting memorable cuisine infused with local ingredients set in a casually elegant, contemporary atmosphere. Summertime, with its lively flavors and warm coastal nights, is one of our favorite seasons to create savory pairings and serve them up on our patio against the backdrop of good music and East End’s idyllic setting.

So, Bistro 72 and Hotel Indigo invite you to come, relax and enjoy our East End flavor under the stars with a glass of Palm and music by Michael Duca. For reservations call 631-369-3325.

Don’t Miss These Amazing Long Island Seafood Dishes

Summertime is the best time of the year for fresh, mouth-watering seafood — and the menu at Long Island’s Bistro 72 is teeming with options.

At Bistro 72, we believe you can taste the difference, which is why we serve only freshest fish, crab, lobster, mussels, and oysters — caught right out of the Sound and just off the coast. To do it, we partner with local seafood company Braun Seafood based in Cutchogue, NY; they’ve been catching the best seafood for more than 85 years.

During your next trip to Bistro 72, you’ll have to try our succulent seafoods yourself. For a classic crowd-pleaser, try the Scallop Ceviche, which combines citrus marinated scallops with mangos, bell peppers, cilantro and red onion. Or, if you’re a seasoned sea-foodie, go for the local oysters which will give you a feel for the local crop. Oh, and we can’t forget about the Ahi Tuna Taco: a magnificent take on a raw seafood staple, which pairs sesame crusted, sushi-grade tuna with pickled ginger and wasabi crema on a flour tortilla.

As you head into our main courses, peruse our extensive collection of local white wines to find the perfect pairing, or ask our servers for help. (Hint: Our Seared Sea Scallops with creme fraiche polenta, spinach, pine nuts, and beurre blanc pairs wonderfully with the One Woman Chardonnay.) For the bold flavor lovers, the Blackened Salmon with coconut risotto, salsa fresca, and lime herb butter sauce will satiate your taste buds.

Hungry yet? Call us today at 631.369.3325 to reserve a table or make a reservation on OpenTable.

A Cocktail for Every Mood You’ll Be in This Summer

Who doesn’t love summertime? It’s filled with days at the beach, grilling… and sunburn, kids screaming for ice cream, and sand uncomfortably filling your swimsuit bottoms.

While at Indigo we love celebrating summertime on the East End, even we have to admit that sometimes, it’s nice to kick back and de-stress from all the summer fun.  Thankfully, our pool drink list has you covered. Whatever your mood, we’ve got the perfect adult beverage for all your summertime moods.

😡 When You’ve Been Sunburnt to a Crisp

Ouch. Cool off and counteract the burn with a refreshing Spicy Lemonade. Your taste buds will enjoy a kick from jalapeno-infused tequila mixed with tangy lemonade. Available on our Pool Menu.

😌 When You’ve Been at the Waterpark All Day and Need Some “Me Time”

After a day of running after the kids and fighting for a lounge chair, treat yourself with the fragrant and sweet Strawberry Mojito. This blend of rum with fresh strawberries, mint, lemon juice and simple syrup is the respite you deserve after a long day. Available on our Pool Menu.

👙 When You Want to Cheat – and Also Wear That Swimsuit Proudly

Combine the wonders of tequila with the debloating powers of kombucha. The Kombucha Sunrise lets you have your cake and eat it too, with a blend of Casa Noble Silver tequila, orange and lime juice, ginger kombucha, and a garnish of cilantro. Available on our Brunch Menu.

 💃 When You and Your Friends Are Ready to Kick It, East End Style

Mentally prepare for a night out in the East End’s lively bars, fairs and festivals with a Watermelon Martini, a flavorful and pungent blend of vodka and fresh watermelon. Available on our Pool Menu.

 😎 When You Want to Cool Off  and  Look Cool

No other drink is quite as trendy right now as rosé. Our take on frozen rosé, or Frosé, will have you sipping in style while cooling you off. Available on our Pool Menu.

Head over to Bistro 72 to try all of our cocktails. Call 631.369.3325 to reserve a table.