Bubbly at the Bistro

Thursday, May 10 | Champagne Social with LaLuca Prosecco and Jon and Krista

Pop! Fizz! Clink! Add more sparkle to your week with a lively evening out on the Patio featuring LaLuca Prosecco. And to make the night even sweeter, we will be listening to the popping styles of Jon and Krista from the hit local band Miles to Dayton.

Created by Opici Wines, LaLuca Prosecco is a label honoring the old world vine lineage. Grown in the Veneto region of Northeastern Italy, an area known for its high-quality Prosecco, LaLuca embraces the tradition of quality winemaking. Ready to imbibe? You’ll be able to enjoy the light, crisp flavor of LaLuca Prosecco in our specialty cocktails all evening long.

Creating the perfect soundtrack for the night will be Jon and Krista. The couple forms a third of the critically-acclaimed band, Miles To Dayton, which has a large grassroots following of fans young and old. Miles to Dayton has also been featured in Oprah Magazine, ValsList, the Long Island Pulse and the Lefsetz Letter and many other publications.

Our Executive Chef, Dec Scherer, has designed an exquisite food pairing menu to complement the host beverage of the evening, LaLuca Prosecco. Join us out on the Patio for a night of good food, sparkling drinks and live music.

For more information call Bistro 72 at (631) 369-3325 and ask about our Patio Series.