Get Your Winter Brrrrew On

We are in the thick of the winter season and approaching the Super Bowl and although the start of each day is best started with a cup of coffee, it’s great to cap off the day with one of our local and not so local craft beers on tap. We offer a variety of favorites so take your pick.

Blue Point Brewery’s Winter Ale – (Peconic, New York)
The Winter Ale is a hearty, robust amber ale. They use pale, Vienna, crystal and chocolate malts to create a balanced character of malt and hops with just the right amount of spice to warm you up during the colder months. This brew is a seasonal favorite and only available from late fall – winter. Don’t miss out on the chance to try this tasty brew!

1911 Hard Cider (Lafayette, New York)
1911 Hard Cider comes from the Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards in Lafayette, New York. The award-winning cider makers stay true to their “Tree to Bottle” motto. Once the fresh-pressed cider arrives in the Cider House, the master cider maker samples and analyzes it before the fermentation process begins. They use a balanced blend of high-quality juice from select apple varieties. They have several varieties to choose from but we are serving the Original Hard Cider on tap.

Burton IPA – Southampton Publick House (Southampton, New York)
From one of the most award-winning breweries in America, we have the Burton IPA. This English Pale Ale is modeled after a style of ale that comes from the famous English brewing city of Burton-on-Trent. The brewery adds minerals to the Southampton water to make it identical to the water in Burton-on-Trent, notably a fair amount of calcium. The high mineral content has the effect of adding a dryness of flavor to the brew as well as a fullness of body. It has a light/medium malt flavor and a refreshing fruitiness (notes of “peach” and “apricot”), the hop character is also restrained compared to other traditional English styles such as IPA.
Winter Ale – Captain Lawrence Brewing Company (Elmsford, New York)
Brewed with a German ale yeast, lightly toasted malts and enhanced with a blend of winter spices, this brewery’s Winter Ale is a seasonal brew also only available, you guessed it, during the winter months. We have it. Stop in and find out for yourself why this is a crowd favorite.

Legato Stout by Twin Fork Brewing Company (Riverhead, New York)
Located right here in Riverhead, identical twins Dan and Peter Chekijian, opened the brewery in 2014. Their Legato Stout is blended with six different malts with hints of layered dark chocolate, mocha and cocoa bean leaving notes of coffee in the finish. Enjoy one and have another and you might be seeing double.

Chocolate Porter – Long Ireland Beer Company (Riverhead, New York)
The Chocolate Porter is a crowd pleaser and is Long Ireland Beer Company’s first Chocolate beer that is now a seasonal favorite. The brewery uses malted barley and cocoa nibs to give the beer its distinct taste. Try it before it’s gone!

Black Magic Stout – Empire Brewing Company (Syracuse, New York)
Established in 1994 in Empire Brewing Company has been producing award-winning ales and lagers in downtown Syracuse. We have their Black Magic Stout on tap which is a traditional Irish stout, carbonated with nitrogen and pours like a Guinness. Dry roasted flavors are prominent, with hints of chocolate and coffee in the finish.
Caramel Porter – Saranac Brewing Company (Utica, New York)
The Caramel Porter is a robust, flavorful porter reminiscent of a bygone era. True to the brewing tradition, they’ve used dark caramel malt as well as Fuggles & East Kent Goldings hops for a smooth, yet slightly bitter, roasted flavor. Look for hints of caramel used in this delicious brew.

Yes, the East End is known for it’s wine but rest assured there’s never a shortage of beer at Bistro 72. Any of these beer selections pair well with any of our appetizers or entrée on the menu. Call 631.369.3325 for reservations.