Local Ingredients Series: Shelly Sells Sea Salt

Each weekend, wet suit and all, Michele Martuscello returns to the south shore of Long Island to harvest a new batch of sea salt. Her company, Shelly Sells Sea Salt, is the newest member of sea salt purveyors on the East End. And her signature product, freshly harvested and local sea salt, will be proudly served as part of our menu at Bistro 72.

“We are excited to work with Shelly and develop new and innovative ways to use sea salt in preparation and presentation of our cuisine at Bistro 72” says Chef Joey Cormier.

The idea to harvest sea salt began one evening during a walk on the beach. Martuscello and her mother wondered if they could harvest salt from the ocean themselves. The ingredient was a staple in their family’s cuisine given their Italian heritage and Michele’s father always promoted the idea of local food to the family.

What began as a novelty hobby turned into a business when friends and family began placing orders. Three years ago, Michele ‘Shelly’ Martuscello began selling the sea salt online. Since then, she has expanded her product line into scented sprays for hair as well as body scrubs. She also offers three flavored salts in addition to the original handmade version: Citrus, Black Truffle, and Hickory-Smoked.

The lavender-scented spray for hair is a popular seller at farmer’s markets, and goes to show there are many other uses for the sea salt beyond seasoning. Martuscello also uses her salt for everything from saline mouth wash to non-abrasive stain remover. She says that sea salt provides therapeutic benefits that start with the collection process and carry all the way into seeing the success of a finished batch.

Harnessing the local resources and patronizing small businesses of LI are integral to our restaurant’s mission, and we are proud to announce that Shelly’s Sea Salt will be present throughout our upcoming Fall menu.