Patio Series: A Celebration of BBQ and Whiskey

Join us Thursday, September 13 from 6–9 PM

Slide off of the summer flip-flops and slip on your best fall boots for an evening on the Patio at Bistro 72’s BBQ and Whiskey. On September 13, we will be celebrating American cuisine, liquor and music.

Our whiskey-inspired drinks menu will treat your taste buds to notes of smooth spices. We’ll be basting seasoned brisket and smoked meats in our signature barbeque sauce flavored to compliment your whiskey selections. You can also try our whiskey-rubbed, slow-cooked barbeque sliders.

At the bar, we’ll be mixing up cocktails with Widow Jane Whiskey, made in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Widow Jean’s flavor notes butter, cream, and toffee, with a complexity that boasts a cinnamon afterglow. Like the best whiskey manufacturers in the world, Widow Jane starts with a critical component: the water. Made with sweet water from the Widow Jane Mine, deep in the heart of Hudson Valley, it contains the perfect mineral content to make and cut this award-winning whiskey.

Our Americana celebration continues with the folk-rock stylings of Dave March. March is a celebrated local singer and songwriter whose musical talents have been highly recognized. He was a founding member of the critically-acclaimed ensemble, Miles to Dayton. His seasoned style of musical entertainment highlights hometown roots and will have your boots tapping along as you sip and savor the flavors of the evening.

Join us on the Patio as you sip, savor, and soak up the last days of summer. Make your reservations now at 631-369-3325.