A Cocktail for Every Mood You’ll Be in This Summer

Who doesn’t love summertime? It’s filled with days at the beach, grilling… and sunburn, kids screaming for ice cream, and sand uncomfortably filling your swimsuit bottoms.

While at Indigo we love celebrating summertime on the East End, even we have to admit that sometimes, it’s nice to kick back and de-stress from all the summer fun.  Thankfully, our pool drink list has you covered. Whatever your mood, we’ve got the perfect adult beverage for all your summertime moods.

😡 When You’ve Been Sunburnt to a Crisp

Ouch. Cool off and counteract the burn with a refreshing Spicy Lemonade. Your taste buds will enjoy a kick from jalapeno-infused tequila mixed with tangy lemonade. Available on our Pool Menu.

😌 When You’ve Been at the Waterpark All Day and Need Some “Me Time”

After a day of running after the kids and fighting for a lounge chair, treat yourself with the fragrant and sweet Strawberry Mojito. This blend of rum with fresh strawberries, mint, lemon juice and simple syrup is the respite you deserve after a long day. Available on our Pool Menu.

👙 When You Want to Cheat – and Also Wear That Swimsuit Proudly

Combine the wonders of tequila with the debloating powers of kombucha. The Kombucha Sunrise lets you have your cake and eat it too, with a blend of Casa Noble Silver tequila, orange and lime juice, ginger kombucha, and a garnish of cilantro. Available on our Brunch Menu.

 💃 When You and Your Friends Are Ready to Kick It, East End Style

Mentally prepare for a night out in the East End’s lively bars, fairs and festivals with a Watermelon Martini, a flavorful and pungent blend of vodka and fresh watermelon. Available on our Pool Menu.

 😎 When You Want to Cool Off  and  Look Cool

No other drink is quite as trendy right now as rosé. Our take on frozen rosé, or Frosé, will have you sipping in style while cooling you off. Available on our Pool Menu.

Head over to Bistro 72 to try all of our cocktails. Call 631.369.3325 to reserve a table.